How to send a turbo tx.

Note (turbo tx will not work for sub addresses)

You can send turbo tx from any wallet. If using a GUI based wallet their should be a slider to do this. In the CLI wallet you can specifiy the public or private tx style by using transfer public XCA 100 or transfer private XCA 100. If left blank it will default to private.

You now can specifiy the turbo tx settings by using transfer tpublic XCA 100 or transfer tprivate XCA 100. If left blank it will default to a non turbo private tx.

You can also use the tpublic and tprivate fields for the tx_privacy_settings field on the RPC.

Once you send a turbo transaction, you will receive the same details like any other transaction, but will also receive a link to a url and a "turbo tx id". You can give this url to the receiver to have them instantly verify your tx.

These id stay valid for 1 hour before being deleted as the point of a turbo tx is to verify before being in a block, but once in a block extra data is no longer needed. Users can verify tx for one hour after sending them (even if they are added to the blockchain) using the turbo tx id, otherwise the real tx id will be needed.

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