Delegate Management

Once your server is set up and the necessary programs installed, you will be able to set your register/renewal price as a delegate.


Once you have correctly set up your instance, installed the different programs, you can set your register/renewal price as a delegate. If your the previous block producer, users will see your delegate and your price on website and can choose to use your delegate or wait for another maybe cheaper delegate. They can also view all delegates prices on the website.

1. Update Register/Renewal Price

By default your price will be 100M xcash until you update it.

First of all, the wallet service should be running in the background. Stop it by using the command:

systemctl stop xcash-rpc-wallet

Open and let synchronize the wallet you used to register as a delegate, either when using the auto-installer or created manually.

~/xcash-official/xcash-core/build/release/bin/xcash-wallet-cli --wallet-file ~/xcash-official/xcash-wallets/<WALLET_NAME>

Replace the <WALLET_NAME> with your own.

If you installed with the autoinstaller script, the wallet name will be delegate-wallet

Once your wallet is fully synchronized, you can use the remote_data_delegates_set_amount command with the following parameters:

remote_data_delegates_set_amount <amount>

Replace the <amount> with the amount of xcash (has to be whole numbers and in regular units) you want to charge for registering and renewal of names in the xcash namespace.

You will be prompted to wait for the next valid data interval (at most 10 inutes). Once your request has been accepted, you will receive the message The remote data amount has been updated successfully.

You can exit the wallet and restart the wallet service:

systemctl start xcash-rpc-wallet

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