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The official X-Cash blockchain documentation to get started and develop with X-Cash. Learn the basic functions and join the validation of the blockchain as an elected delegate.


The X-Cash Foundation is an open-source, no-ICO blockchain project launched in 2018 developing a privacy centered cryptocurrency inheriting from Monero and bringing new innovation in the privacy coin space.
X-Cash main features are:
  • FlexPrivacy - Private and public transactions on the same blockchain Private by default, X-Cash's FlexPrivacy lets the user decide if he/she wants the transaction to be made public.
  • Delegated-Proof-of-Private-Stake - X-Cash custom consensus designed for privacy coins X-Cash consensus model gets rid of the decentralized yet unsustainable PoW consensus to propose its own variation of a DPoS with DBFT consensus.
  • Sidechains - The next step in blockchain hosting X-Cash will make it easy to create and host your own blockchain, while being able to profit from X-Cash's unique features.
The document was written and aggregated by the X-Cash Foundation, the X-Cash development team and contributors. If you would like to learn more about contributing please the visit our Github organization.

Get Started

Looking to use X-Cash but don't know where to start? Check our list of quick guides:
What are you looking for?
I want to connect to the network and create a node.
X-Cash nodes interact with each other through a daemon. Check the daemon documentation - xcashd to connect to the network.
I want to stake my XCASH.
You can stake your XCASH towards a delegate and earn rewards depending on your vote. Check our our stake and voting section.
I want to become a delegate and start forging X-Cash.
You want to be part of the limited delegates that have the power to forge the next block? Have a look a our set up a delegate node guide.
I want to create/open a wallet.
Go to the CLI wallet documentation (xcash-wallet-cli) to learn everything about the X-CASH wallet and the different commands.
How can I interact with the wallet or daemon?
You can interact with X-Cash with Remote Procedure Calls. Have a look at xcash-daemon-rpc and xcash-wallet-rpc to learn more.
I want to import a blockchain file.
You can bootstrap your synchronization if you already have a RAW file of the blockchain. Check out the full documentation of xcash-blockchain-import
I am looking for the API.
Check out our API section.
  • X-Cash website - The official website of the X-Cash project.
  • X-Cash official blog - Read about the latest development of X-Cash
  • X-Cash explorer - See your ongoing transactions and explorer the X-CASH blockchain.
  • GitHub - The X-Cash source code and related repositories.
  • X-Network - Check everything about X-Cash related development from the founding team.
  • Help Center - If you encounter a bug, or want to communicate on improvements.


  • Discord - Engage with the community, ask questions and talk with the team.
  • Twitter - Follow us for weekly updates, contests and community polls.
  • Reddit - Join the Reddit community
  • Telegram - Get the latest news and announcement of anything X-CASH related

Technical Litterature

  • FlexPrivacy - Public and Private transactions on the X-Cash blockchain.
  • DPoPS - Delegated Proof-of-Private-Stake, a DPoS implementation under X-Cash.


As a fork of Monero, most of the basic functions of X-Cash are already documented. These functions are transcribed from the official Monero documentation:
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