Vote & Staking

Instructions for stakers on how to apply your vote.

Find Your Delegate

All delegates are listed on the delegate explorer. Take time to get to learn more about them, check their reliability statistics, and their setup. You can vote towards delegate that has the shared_delegate_status as true.

The delegate explorer's information is filled by the delegates. There are currently no checks to the veracity of the information provided. It is your duty to make sure that a delegate is trustworthy, that he will re-distribute the reward and that the fees displayed are correct.

Most delegates are discussing freely on our Discord server. We recommend that you join the discussion there and talk to the node manager to help you make a choice.

Apply Your Vote

To participate in the network, you will have to vote with your XCASH to elect a delegate that you see as trustworthy and you want to help to get a forging position. The DPOPS consensus has been designed so that the XCASH you use to vote stays in your wallet (see the challenge of voting in a privacy coin)

Download the wallet

Download the 2.0.0 version of the X-Cash CLI wallet, on our official website or on the GitHub Releases.

Links will be added before the beta.


To vote, it's quite easy. Use the vote command:

vote <delegates_public_address|delegates_name>

You can either put the <delegates_public_address> which is a standard XCASH public address, or the <delegate_name>. This information is available on the delegate explorer.

The wallet will create a reserve proof with the entirety of the wallet and assign it to the designated delegate. You will get a success message when your vote is taken into account.

There is a couple of rules to observe when voting:

  • You can only have one vote assigned per wallet. If you want to vote for another delegate, you will need to create a new wallet, and send to it XCASH you plan to stake.

  • Votes are taken into account at the top of the next hour. If you apply a new vote at XX:30, it will be in effect at XX+1:00.

  • You need a minimum of 2,000,000 (2 Million) XCASH in the wallet to vote.

  • Spending any amount in your wallet will cancel the vote. It is recommended to stake from a wallet you are not actively using.