Set up your node

This section comprises every information to properly and securely set up an X-Cash DPoPS node.





Show a list of all parameters


Run the test to make sure the program is compatible with your system

--total_threads <thread_param>

Total number of threads to use

If <param> is not defined, "default" is the max number of threads


Run the delegates website

--shared-delegates-website --fee <fee_param> --minimum_amount <amount_param>

Run the shared delegates website, with a fee of <fee_param> and a minimum amount of <amount_param>.

<fee_param> : expressed in percentage (up to 6 decimal places). Ex: 6.020000 equals to 6.02%

<amount_param> : Minimum amount for a public_address to receive a payment (in normal units).


Synchronize the database from a network data node.


(Used for testing) Disables synchronizing of the databases and starts the timers.


Add test data to the databases


Remove test data from the databases

How To Setup the Firewall

We will need to setup a firewall for our DPOPS node. The goal of settings up the firewall is to block any DDOS attacks. We will use IPtables for the firewall

Note this step is only necessary if using LXC containers, as the autoinstaller script will install the firewall for you if not using LXC containers

Run the bash script and choose either Firewall or Shared Delegates Firewall to install the firewall

bash -c "$(curl -sSL"

Action on systemd service



systemctl start name_of_service_file_without.service

e.g. systemctl start XCASH_DPOPS


systemctl stop name_of_service_file_without.service

e.g. systemctl stop XCASH_DPOPS


systemctl stop name_of_service_file_without.service

e.g. systemctl restart XCASH_DPOPS

check status

systemctl status name_of_service_file_without.service

e.g. systemctl status XCASH_DPOPS

check the logs

journalctl --unit=name_of_service_file_without.service

e.g. journalctl --unit=XCASH_DPOPS

check the logs (last 100 lines)

journalctl --unit=name_of_service_file_without.service -n 100 --output cat

e.g. journalctl --unit=XCASH_DPOPS -n 100 --output cat

check the logs (live logging)

journalctl --unit=name_of_service_file_without.service --follow -n 100 --output cat

e.g. journalctl --unit=XCASH_DPOPS --follow -n 100 --output cat